Pine Resin Salve

Pine Resin Salve

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Pine Resin Salve

My family just loves pine resin salve for cuts, scrapes, dry hands, bug bites, and rashes.  We always bring a jar along on our hikes because of its strong anti-microbial properties. If someone scrapes themselves on a branch or rock we use it as a natural Neosporin. 

You can also apply Pine Resin Salve to stiff joints for warming, stimulation, and increased circulation.  It increases blood flow to a localized stiff area and may help with sore muscles, cold feet & hands, and to break up congestion when rubbed on chest.

The pine resin is ethically harvested from fallen resin found around the base of the trees.

There are NO essential oils used, just the strong and natural tree medicine.

A salve is a semi-solid spreadable balm made with infused herbal oils. Salves protect and nourish our skin.  

Enjoy the resin magic and strong pine scent!

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Pine Resin, Calendula Flowers, Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Natural Arizona Beeswax

Volume: 1 oz reusable glass jar

Directions: Apply to cuts, scrapes, scratches for a strong anti-bacterial effect.  Use as a drawing salve to draw out toxins from eating bad food (rub on belly), draw out splinters (put on salve and put a bandaid over it).


Please don't apply to open bleeding wounds.

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